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About David Lewis

An ex-police officer and crime scene investigator, David Lewis has done a variety of things in his full life. Cop, cowboy, artist, musician, firearms instructor, fishing guide, public speaker, disc jockey; he has seen life through many eyes and from many perspectives. From childhood on the banks of the Sangamon River to adulthood on a metropolitan police department, through hardscrabble years deep in the Ozark Mountains to working in broadcasting, David has gathered a wealth of life experience and understanding that is as evident in his writing as it is on his face.

During the past couple of decades he has earned regional and international awards for writing and performing radio commercial copy. More importantly, he has learned to write concisely, visually, and with understanding for the “theatre of the mind”. Most recently he was co-host on an independently produced broadcast program entitled Radio for Grownups. His life and childhood stories on that program became so popular, they were produced and marketed in a series of compact discs.

David and his wife, Laura, live in the country about an hour from Kansas City on two miles of bad road, where he watches turkeys, dodges deer, listens to frogs, looks at stars, argues with two Australian cattle dogs, and devotes his time to writing.

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David Lewis