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Her name is Bethany and she is a niece of a friend.  I first met the young woman when she was about 8 years old – a loud, angular, elbowy girl.  She was below average in looks, not superior in intellect, and seemed to have trouble relating to adults.  She and I were not significant members of each other’s world, and I had little reason and even less opportunity to pay attention to the child, so I didn’t – but I do recall thinking that she took up too much room for a child her age and size.  I would see her every year or so, out there on the periphery of my universe, and as I watched her get older, I watched her get larger and heard her get louder.  In retrospect, I see it as a cry for love and attention.  At the time, however, she was just annoying.

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  • Teyler Sagat

    Hey, wanna to laugh a lameness?
    Why did Jesus cross the road?
    To get a-cross.

    I Apologize if that pissed at readers… I’m just Bob Saget!

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