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In the Gravest Extreme

I have avoided this subject because it cries out for a certain amount of objectivity that I may not possess, but a friend urged me to run off at the mouth a little.  Volatile to be sure, the subject is guns. From the idiots who actually believe we can take all the guns away from people and make the whole world sweetness and light to the lunatics who think they should be able to own .60 caliber machine guns and rocket launchers, there are some really committed (or should be) folks out there vocalizing their twisted views on firearms.  I guess it’s my turn.

12 comments to In the Gravest Extreme

  • Sharon

    I am a single liberated woman, well educated and independent. I would never have anything to do with a gun. I enjoy a lot of what you say, David, but this time you are dead wrong.

  • Dead Wrong David

    Ah, Sharon…I may be wrong but, thanks to a dreaded firearm, I am not dead. At least not yet. I’m glad you enjoy the bits.

  • M.K.

    Violence never solved anything!

  • Marylou

    Sure it has, M.K. It solves things all the time. Hi David. I’m one of your ex-students, a Lewis certified Shootist. Do you still teach?

  • David

    Hello, Marylou! (sounds like Ricky Nelson is in the house) No, I don’t teach shooting anymore. Good to hear from you. Still got that 9-mil Glock poodle-shooter?

  • Marylou

    Nope. Now I have a .40 Smith.

  • David

    Ha! You go, girl.

  • R.B.

    My brother was killed in Desert Storm. By a gun. The gun didn’t hate him. The gun didn’t do it by itself. If people don’t pull the trigger, guns don’t kill anyone.

  • Kelly

    Most of the time when somebody pulls the trigger, guns don’t kill anyone either. A woman can be empowered by learning a new skill and freed from much of the fear so many of us feel. I don’t mean armed and dangerous, but trained and competent. Or, you can just scratch his face with your car keys and run away. That almost always works, doesn’t it?

  • Sharon

    I know that I certainly could never take anyone’s life, not even if it meant losing my own.

  • Kelly

    Do you have to work hard to be that noble, Sharon, or does it just come naturally to you?

  • David

    Kelly, I don’t think you should be so hard on Sharon. If she’s willing to die so that somone who has no regard for her life may to continue to live, that’s her choice. Some people fear their deliverance more than they fear their downfall.

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