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Levi’s Legacy

Passing the Torch

[Editor’s note:  This piece was not originally produced for this web site.  As such, the format (music, style, etc.) differs from the other posts here.]

Roger and Sharon Sigler have lived in a rural portion of the Kansas City area for nearly three decades, and, for many of those years, their across the road neighbors have been Gwen and Bob Wright.  Gwen and Bob keep dogs – Great Pyrenees to be exact.  Great Pyrenees are large, white animals, similar in construction to Newfoundlands, and many of them weigh as much as an NFL punt return specialist.   Their bark is a cross between a lion’s cough and a damaged steam whistle.  Their jowls are pendulous, and one running in your general direction is reminiscent of an approaching avalanche.  Subtlety is not a part of their make-up.  The Great Pyrenees is an obvious dog, bred to control and protect livestock and property, and recognizes his calling nearly from birth.  Like most dogs, a Great Pyrenees may sometimes not take himself too seriously, but he seldom has to be reminded of his duty.

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