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My Soul

I must warn you that in the upcoming vocalization, I am going to use the term “God”.  I use that term in the broadest possible sense – the power of the universe, the Force, Wakantanka, Earth Mother, whatever.  I do not align with nor do I endorse any particular version of the concept.  If that offends you, I’m sorry you’re fearful.  My concept of God belongs to me.  I don’t want yours.  You can’t have mine.

7 comments to My Soul

  • William

    Mr. Lewis,
    While, as a rule I am usually entertained by your recordings, it seems to me that you are not the man I thought you were. This “making fun of God” that you are involved in most certainly can be harmful to your eternal soul! The Force? Earth Mother? Pegan references to the Almighty are not in your best interest, Sir. None of us are ever completely lost.Seek the path through Jesus the Christ and you can be saved. Do not, and I am sorry for you.

  • Lewis the Lost

    Dear William,
    Thank you very much for your concern. I appreciate how you can feel sorry for me, but it really isn’t necessary. I have always been very capable of feeling sorry for myself.

  • Buster

    Hey, William. I don’t know what kind of beliefs Lewis has, and I don’t care. I’m a Pegan and my system of belief pre-dates Christianity and is the source of a lot of the christian religious construct you believe is unique to you. Jesus’s birthday for instance. One of the things we DO NOT have in common is the desire to get new members for our group. We leave that kind of thing to the gang-bangers, political parties, country clubs, the Warriors of Allah, and…let’s see…oh yeah. You guys. Are you so afraid you can’t accept Lewis’s opinion just for the entertainment value? Evidently.

  • William

    I take my religious committment much too seriously to consider an attack on it as entertainment in any form. Perhaps if you were to give me your address I could make some enlightening literature available to you.

  • Buster

    Right. It’s 666 Dogma Street, Paranoid, OK. Nobody attacked you. Nobody offered you literature, or came knocking on your door with the truth and the light, or accosted you with the latest membership drive. Lighten up! It’s not your committment you take much too seriously, it’s yourself. Why don’t you twist one up and settle the hell down?

  • Katie M.

    I found you! My husband and I never missed your show when you were on the air with Radio for Grownups. Loved your stuff. It’s good to hear you again. We have all your CD’s, and now we know where to get some additional copies for friends. Any new CD’s in the works?
    Good to have you back!

  • David

    Good to be back, Katie. Thanks for the kind words. No new CD’s planned for right now, but it could happen down the road a ways I guess. Keep listening. None of the bits here are on the CD’s. Good to have you back, too.

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