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Okay To Be a Kid

Her name was Myrna, and she was my favorite aunt.  Myrna was a very accepting individual, as full of unconditional love as a cocker spaniel.  From my earliest memories, she, her farm, and her family were the center of some of my happiest times.  Myrna was a country woman, a relic of another age.  Her job, as she saw it, was to bind her family together.  Gum chewing, calloused-handed glue she was, whose life revolved around her kitchen, her garden, and her loved ones.

It was Myrna who taught me the labor of hand-churning butter, the frozen-knuckle agony of squeezing out the whey under ice water and the golden sweet and salty reward for a task well done.  She introduced me to my first malted milk, shaken until it foamed in a kitchen that had a hand pump for sink water.

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