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He was about 6½ feet tall, weighed maybe 280 pounds, and had straight blue-black hair to below his waist.  He looked down at me through hard dark brown eyes from a walnut face and said, “You’re white.  Where’d you get that necklace?”

He was referring to a Native American, deer-bone hair pipe, four-strand choker I was wearing.  I looked up at him and told the truth.

“I was gifted it by a Cherokee on the eve of her quest for her vision.”

“Why?” he asked.

“Because I gave her council,” I replied.

“It’s old.”

“Yes it is.  It was in her family for many years.”

“To be gifted such a thing is a great honor,” he went on.

“That’s why I wear it,” I said.  “To honor her and her family.”

He grinned at me.  “Right answer, Paleface,” he said, sticking out a paw.  “My name’s Steve.  Nice to meetcha.”

So began a relationship with Steve Silverthorn, a full-blood Lakota Sioux.

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  • Leka

    My grandfather is Cherokee and so am I, but not as much as he is. I made him listen to your story and he laughed a lot. He said it was a good thing to find a Sioux that could be trusted. My boyfriend is half-blood Sioux. They pick on each other all the time. I liked your story too.

  • George

    i used to live near Santa Fe and owned a shop to sell trinkets to tourists. i delt with Apaches, Navahos, Zunis, Pueblos, and more bying little carvings and jewelry and such for resale. If i didn’t watch them close, they come in to sell stuff and leave with more than they brought. Never did find one i could trust.

  • R.H.

    I’m sure they didn’t trust you either, George. Always there must be balance. We get what we give. I believe that is the point of the story. It certainly isn’t the point of yours. You’ve probably had this problem all your life.

  • Buffalo Gal

    George, people are people. Some are nice, some are not. Some are honest, some are not. Some are trustworty, some are not. Some are bright, some are you. You weren’t named after your great-great-great-grandfather were you? Familiar with the term Greasy Grass, GEORGE?

  • Shy Ann

    In case some of what Buffalo Gal wrote got past you, George, Greasy Grass is what the Human Beings called Little Big Horn. There was a pompous white guy that thought he knew everything there too. His name was also George.

  • Bobby J.

    OUCH! Hey George, ol’ buddy, if I were you, I’d shut up. I might even shave my head and lay low for a while. Sounds like you could be in for the wrong kind of hair transplant. Good for you, ladies.

    Lewis…you got Native American blood in you?

  • David

    All my blood is native American, Bobby. Most of my ancestors, however, were Scotts.

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