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The Lion Sleeps Today

Joggers and runners annoy me.  Before my lovely bride, Laura, ventured off for several years occupying Afghanistan, allowing me to become a gentleman of leisure and relocate to my scenic country estate, we lived in an apartment in the city.  While there, we acquired a canine – an Australian Cattle Dog, or Blue Heeler, to be exact.  Heelers are athletic dogs, and Digger – the dog in question – was no exception.  He required several walks a day for exercise.  On those walks, we often encountered The Jogger.

2 comments to The Lion Sleeps Today

  • JamesLee

    I wonder, honestly, how many hearing this could complete the Dave Gardener quote before hearing it? Keep up the great work, David, you ARE a National Treasure!

  • D. Lewis

    James! Thanks for the kind words and rejoice, dear heart.

    You’re right about the National Treasure. Next week my parole officer is gonna glue my high school graduation picture to one of the parking lot fence posts at Mount Rushmore.
    Ain’t that weird?


    P.S. Spread the word lest I rebuke thee.

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