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The Offering

Sunup was over an hour away when I crawled out of the tent onto the dew-slick grass.  Stretching my back, I slowly walked to the remnants of last night’s fire and poked at it with a stick, stirring some feeble coals to the surface on which to place some kindling, needing warmth and not wanting to go back into the tent for a jacket and wake my sleeping wife.  Six-inch flames sprang to life, making my eyes water with their acrid smoke, and I added more wood, warming my hands over the small blaze.  We’d been at the campsite on the shore of Stockton Lake for several days –  sleeping, eating, talking, reading, being – and, so far, had been the only residents in the entire 44 slot campground, lazing our time away, lingering late each night by the fire, enjoying the peace and solitude of mid-autumn.  As quietly as I could, I added water to the granite pot and dumped in an undetermined amount of coffee, then added more wood to the fire to build a coal bed upon which to prepare breakfast in another hour or so.

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