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The Poodle On The Parkway

When I was a young man, I attended official cop school.  Week after week, after week, after week, a select number of young valiants such as I were sequestered from the world, the victims of excessive indoctrination and instruction into the art and function of being police officers.  An amazing amount of subjects were covered, from how to deliver a baby (don’t – run away) to the methods for defending oneself against a knife attack (don’t – run away) to public relations (run away…rapidly) to drug abuse (who and where, not how and when) to search and seizure, Miranda, racial or ethnic profiling, crime scene investigation, interviewing and questioning, firearms, radio procedure, traffic stops, domestic violence, polygraph examination, subject restraint and control, high speed driving technique, criminal psychology, choosing the correct doughnut – on and on and on.  The amount of subject matter was amazing.

2 comments to The Poodle On The Parkway

  • Bobby J.

    Sounds like basic doggie abuse to me, David. Seems strange that all that police training would cover how to choose the perfect donut, and not include poodle profiling or basic canine proceedures.

  • David

    I know! If it had not been for Zorro (the Fox so cunning and free) I woulda been dead meat. Guess Quantico just couldn’t get to everything. Thanks, Bobby.

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