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The White Rat

His name was Tim Koss, a Lieutenant of detectives when I was a rookie police officer.  Koss was a tall, distinguished-looking man in the mode of Cary Grant or Stewart Granger, prone to monogrammed cardigan sweaters, subtle jewelry, and expensive footwear.  There was a reserved elegance about him that women were drawn to and men trusted.  His wife balanced him nicely, also tall and slender, worthy of displaying prizes on “The Price is Right”.  When the two of them were viewed together, the casual observer might conclude that Mount Olympus was short a couple of residents.  In truth, Koss was bright, slightly depressed, with a twisted sense of humor, and a wry way of looking at the world.  For unknown reasons, he took an interest in my young, rookie self, and became somewhat of a mentor to me during my first year as a cop.

4 comments to The White Rat

  • Marylou

    David, I think this story is horrible. Of course, that could be because something kind of similar happened to my ex-husband. I caught him peeing on the grill cloth of my new home entertainment center. He survived the bullet wounds, but the relationship didn’t. My new husband always pees outside. He’s a good boy.

  • Dog lover

    If it’s true, i think this story is horrible. Your friend killed that poor little poodle. I am a dog lover, and I find it disgusting! Do you have dogs?

  • David

    Yes I do, Dog Lover. I have two Blue Heelers. At least for now. My new home emtertainment center arrives next week.

  • Bobby J.

    Blue Heelers are great dogs. I hear they pee on poodles.

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