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To Like Or Not To Like

A few months ago, I was approached by a young woman I have known for some time.  She is only about half my age – a city girl, a secretary at a small business about 30 miles from where I lurk in the Missouri Outback.

“How long have you and Laura been married?” she asked.

“Over 40 years.”

“That long.  I just can’t imagine it.”

I grinned at her.  “That’s the difference in our ages,” I said.  “You can’t imagine it and I just can’t remember it.”

“No, I mean, being together for over 40 years is a big deal.”

“Well, we haven’t been together all that time,” I said.  “We were separated on two occasions for a few months, and Laura, as you know, spent four years in Afghanistan recently.  We only saw each other once a year during that time.”

“Yes, but you’re still together.  How does a marriage survive all that?”

“Aw, we have a mutual admiration society,” I said.  “We both admire me.”

She laughed.  “I think it’s amazing.”

“Well, it’s an accomplishment at least,” I said, “but it hasn’t always been easy.  I’m lucky.  My wife is the best person I have ever known, and the toughest woman I have ever met.”

“Did you guys date for a long time before you got married?” she asked.

“Nope.  We went on our first date, and she moved in.”


“Yep.  I didn’t stand a chance.”

“Do you guys fight?”

“Now and then we disagree.”

“Phil and I are still having problems,” she confessed, getting to the point.

“I’m sorry to hear that,” I replied.  “Talk to me.”

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