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You Get What You Pay For

Selling Dawn

Snobbery seeps into every facet of human endeavor, I think, even riding horses. Keeping equines at stables where they are cared for and have their stalls mucked by people hired for that very purpose, is an expensive proposition. Nevertheless, when I was in my early twenties, I made the financial commitment necessary to place my sorrel colt at an excellent facility. The stable maintained about 50 horses, the vast majority of them stalled in an immense barn around a large indoor arena. A few, my colt among them, stayed in the small barn next to the outdoor arena. It was cheaper by about 25 percent, and it was where most of the Quarter horses, plugs, and crossbreds stayed. In the big barn were the “society horses”.

3 comments to You Get What You Pay For

  • Brenda

    Wonderful! I ride and show quarter horses and there is a lot of back-biting and one-upmanship in that group too, but it’s really nice to see a society snob get his.

  • Horsin' Around

    I think there is a very valid reason the owners of gaited and walking horses look down on you quarter-horse types. Their horses are taller.

  • Saddletramp

    Good stuff. I have no problem with saddlebreds, standardbreds, thoroughbreds, and the rest of the society bunch. But I do have a problem with what some owners do to their horses to make them perform. (walking horses and hunter-jumpers) When the need for recognition is more important than the well-being of the animal, the one in the saddle is a jackass.

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